Second release : FANGE Poisse

Second release : FANGE Poisse

Available soon !!! FANGE put « Lucifour » an extract of their first EP « Poisse » on their bandcamp. Poisse by FANGE harsh riffs, hard beats & hm-2 credits released 11 March 2014 Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo – drums Benjamin Moreau – guitars, backing vocals, noise Jean-Baptiste Lévêque – vocals, noise Written, composed by FANGE Recorded by Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo Mixed...
First release : "Quantum of abstract physics"

First release : « Quantum of abstract physics »

The split cd « Quantum of abstract physics » is the result of artistic collaboration between Immemorial and Leben Ohne Licht kollektive. The two French entities have successfully combined their visions of ambient music inside « Quantum of abstract physics« . So many influences collide to listen to the cd, the pure ritual dark ambient through the world of...