Red Harvest Official​ : Hybreed (2XCd Version) is now available on Cold Dark Matter Records​ (Bandcamp/Big Cartel/Discogs).

The remastered and upgraded version of Red Harvest « Hybreed » with bonus live tracks from Blastfest 2016.

This double CD version is remastered by Cyrille Gachet (Year of No Light, The Great Old Ones, Bagarre Générale) at Dick Doom Studio. On the second CD, we worked on a special edition with live bonus recorded during the BlastFest 2016 at Bergen. It was the ressurection gig of RED HARVEST !!!

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Tracklist : 


1. Maztürnation
2. The Lone Walk
3. Mutant
4. After All…
5. Ozrham
6. On Sacred Ground
7. The Harder They Fall
8. Underwater
9. Monumental


1. In Deep
2. The Burning Wheel

Live BlastFest 2016

3. Omnipotent

4. The Antidote

5. Hole in Me

6. Godtech

7. Cybernaut

8. Mouth of Madness

9. Sick Transit Gloria Mundi

10. Absolut Dunkel-Heit